Natural remedy for worms - so protect your wood furniture

Natural remedy for worms - so protect your wood furniture

Antiques can be protected with wood preservative home remedies.

To use natural remedies for woodworm

  • If possible, pack the wood to be treated in part a plastic wrap and place it in the freezer or in the freezer. One night sleep over it (nightmares without woodworm) and woodworm should be dead (erforen).
  • A little more complicated, but also effectively combat woodworm with the cold in a slaughterhouse. Ask a (friendly) Schlachter, whether you want a night at him in the cold store locations can have your piece of furniture.
  • Just as great cold tolerated woodworm high heat. You can put a piece of wood to be treated in the oven. Because you should be there but constantly and the temperature should be about 60 degrees so. (Professionally combat wood pests in a hot air method.)
  • Even with the heat gun you can try to make the worms a full end. If bombarding them about an hour with the heat gun, the pests are likely to be dead.
  • Preventive you can treat your wood furniture with a self-manufactured wood preservatives. Rub your furniture with a mixture of salt, pepper (crushed) mustard seeds and garlic and vinegar.
  • Obtain a syringe and inject vinegar into each hole. Although this is more complex than rubbing with vinegar, but also promises greater success.
  • Another natural remedy for worms in the wood is to put acorns in a wooden cabinet that is infested with woodworm. The woodworm then eat into the acorns. You then need to replace the infected acorns. This method requires a lot of patience - and possibly much faith. She is best practiced in combination with another wood worm control method.
  • Also cedar oil and kerosene or liquid ammonia are recommended as a natural remedy for woodworm. But they are not as effective.

Normally the pests need a humidity of 10 percent or more. So Preheat preventive your rooms well.

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