Netherlands or Holland - what is right?

Netherlands or Holland - what is right?

Netherlands or Holland - is true that it is the land of tulips and windmills.

Netherlands or Holland - correctly as country name is definitely Netherlands. But the term Holland is closely related to the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is correct as country name

  • The Netherlands is correct as the official German name for this neighboring country of Germany. In the vernacular, it has now largely been naturalized as a country name this.
  • In the Netherlands itself is said as a separate country inscription Nederland in the singular, while the German form is correctly formed in the plural. Historically, this German plural is derived from the fact that in the 15th century Charles the Bold also broken the dominion of Burgundy in upper and lower landing landing and the Netherlands today just fell into the latter category.
  • The Dutch in turn call themselves de Lage Landen within the meaning of low-lying countries, as the area is very flat and has almost no mountains.

This means Holland

  • Holland is correct as a name for the north-western part of the country, which was a separate province earlier. At that time there was already the Republic of the United Netherlands, Holland has always been, only one province - albeit the most important of the United Provinces.
  • In the middle of the 19th century, this province was again divided into the provinces of North Holland and South Holland Haarlem capital of the province with the provincial capital, The Hague.
  • The Dutch themselves know Holland as objective designation of both provinces. Otherwise, they use the word itself rather self-deprecating and call in football as a battle cry "Hup Holland Hup".
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