Neutralize the smell of fire - good opportunities

Neutralize the smell of fire - good opportunities

After a fire, it smells bad.

So burning smell disappears

Of course, there are differences in burning smell. These are mainly in the formation of the fire smell. If this is the result of a house fire, he will be very strong and can not be compared with the smell of burning through a bad retreating fireplace.

  • Slight burning smell Neuter relatively easily by air. It is important that you do not ventilate with cracked window, but perform the so-called airing and thus enable a rapid air exchange in every room.
  • You should also try to remove the smell of burning from the textiles. For that you need a special textile spray to neutralize any odors from sofas, curtains and other textiles and ensures a fresh and pleasant fragrance in your home.
  • In order to neutralize any residue of the fire smell, you can also use a room spray that covers the unpleasant odor, so you can enjoy your home again. Instead of a room sprays you also have the option to light incense to remove the smell of burning.

To neutralize strong stench

  • If it has blown in your home, do not meet basic ventilation and other light methods. Be sure all smoke-filled pieces of furniture from the apartment to "ban" when the smell of burning from these is not neutralized.
  • Subsequently, it is important that you repaint the apartment. So there are no unpleasant odor molecules can be hand held on the walls. Also, remove carpets and other flooring often wipe a wet one.
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