Nikon FE - so please take advantage of the camera model optimally

Nikon FE - so please take advantage of the camera model optimally

Even with old cameras can take good pictures.

The Nikon FE profile

Strictly speaking, there is not only a Nikon FE, much more it involves a series of four cameras. These include the FE, the FE2, the FA and the FE10.

  • The classic Nikon FE from 1978 has an electronically controlled shutter speeds up to 1/1000 second, but can still be used even with a dead battery. The rest of the components plenty spartan from today's perspective. The camera has a built-in light meter and has a sync speed of 1/125.
  • Later models like the Nikon FE2 or the FA had many new features such as significantly faster shutter speeds or an AMP-evaluative metering. However, these models have one big disadvantage compared to the spartan FE: You consume much more power and that's one of the advantages that the camera does not have today.

How to use the camera useful

  • Certainly, an analog camera requires that you carry around enough footage with it. This is similar to the FE but through their power back from. Equipped with fresh button cell batteries, the camera works across over the years. So it is a good choice if you are looking for a camera that you can take several months in uninhabited areas.
  • The Nikon is also robust, very easy to use and extremely reliable. This and their comparatively low weight make it an excellent travel camera. You hardly disturbs when dangling by the neck and even if they should fall once, chances are good that they then still works fine.
  • Another reason why you should take with the camera when traveling, is that such an old model will attract thieves less than a modern digital camera. And even if they should be but once stolen, you can specify for comparatively little money for a new one.
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