No more friends - what to do after an argument?

No more friends - what to do after an argument?

An argument is not a doomsday.

An argument is not a pleasant thing, but it sometimes happens, because two opinions collide. If you then have the feeling that you had no friends, you do not believe this.

Really no longer there friendship?

  • If after an argument on the feeling that no longer friends are there, that's a fallacy in general. Calm down first and let air to the action.
  • Think about your friendships and think about whether there were already other situations like this or it has often led to controversy. How did you deal with it at that time? As it was good again? And most importantly, you will see that your friendship then survived the battle.
  • If there is no situation like this have given, then consider if your friendship is narrow enough to survive a fight. Rely on this tape between them.

Recover after an argument Friends

  • Did it come between you and your friends to a dispute, you wait and see for a few days. Everyone needs first time for yourself, to process the feelings, to analyze the dispute and again to get a clear head.
  • Do you have caused the dispute, you should go to your friends and tell them the situation. Apologize if necessary, and search together for a peaceful solution.
  • Do you have the feeling that the other would have caused the dispute, you should not insist on your right and wait until the other comes. If you care anything about the friendship, you too can take the first step and go to the other. Share it with your emotions and be also explained his view of things.

If your friends after an argument really no longer wish to friendship, you should accept this fact and seek friends, with whom by a dispute not everything shatters the same.

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