NOX sensor on the Golf 5 Switch - Manual

NOX sensor on the Golf 5 Switch - Manual

The replacement of defective auto parts can sometimes be very expensive.

Buy a new NOX sensor

  • When buying necessarily original new. From buying a used NOX sensor from the car recyclers or from the Internet is not recommended. Only in very old cars, which are to remain only a few months in operation, not worth a new device.
  • Do not compromise and have access to a product of the brand manufacturers such as NTK or Bosch. These are not cheap (between 400-500 euros), but are reliable. Cheap counterfeits can cause damage.

Remove the old sensor in golf 5

The expansion may have been resolved with a few tweaks, but must be done carefully and correctly. Take a flashlight added.

  1. Drive the Golf 5 on the lift in to a comfortable working position.
  2. Hold the flashlight under the passenger side out for a 1 x 0.5-square-meter sheet.
  3. Loosen the screws on the metal plate and then remove it.
  4. Now you see the NOX sensor, which is mounted on the exhaust line. Solve the sensor with a 13mm wrench. This is connected in one unit to the control device, therefore, the entire component must be replaced.
  5. Pull the plug, which is connected to the control unit.
  6. Take out the whole unit.

Install the new appliance properly

  1. Unpack the new NOX sensor and inspect this for any damage.
  2. Connect the new sensor to the exhaust line (13mm spanner).
  3. Now remove the entire unit and connect it again. Make sure that the connector is firmly installed again.
  4. Remove the plate again before the device.
  5. Get 5 Clear the fault memory of golf after replacement, otherwise you always get an error message.
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