Of peonies paint pictures - Guidance on two variants

Of peonies paint pictures - Guidance on two variants

Magnificent peonies invite you to paint. © uschi_dreiucker / Pixelio

To perpetuate peonies with wax painters

Pictures of peonies you can customize in several ways. The easiest way is painting with crayons or crayons. This gives you rich colors and beautiful lines.

  1. Arrange the peonies in a vase. Various shades in combination act particularly nice for your images.
  2. Now take a coloring sheet to the desired size and sketch in pencil with soft outlines the peonies. Whether you include vase and table in the image design, is your decision.
  3. Now the crayons are used. Paint with rich pressure on the shades of peonies. This works best in small semicircles. Change the reds from within a flower. So you get a great 3D effect to your images.
  4. Blur the peony pictures transitions with your finger. So the colors appear natural.
  5. Keep in mind that dark colors recede into the background and bright colors in the foreground. If you are unsure, try the different effects on a rag.
  6. Shade leaves and stems of peonies in the same way in different shades of green.

To produce beautiful photos with opaque colors

  1. If opaque colors are coming on your peonies images to use, you begin similarly as described above. Turn the peony arrangement as in position as you would like to portray it.
  2. Then sketch in pencil before softly. Then the colors are used.
  3. Brushes, mixing palette, water cup and body color should be prepared.
  4. Wear the colors correctly on full. Paint in slightly curved and short lines.
  5. If you are brave, you mix the colors for your peonies images not previously on, but combine directly on your Malunterlage. Take the Expressionists a model. The famous sunflowers Van Gogh, for example, as incurred.
  6. Paint in this way the foliage and sometimes also the background. So naturally arise acting peonies images.
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