Oil wood flooring - how it works properly

Oil wood flooring - how it works properly

How to lubricate your hardwood floors properly.

How to care for your hardwood floors properly

  1. If you have your soil already subjected to leaching, it is now important that you allow them to dry thoroughly first before you start oiling the wood planks. It is also important that you choose the right one for you type of oil. You can choose between clear oil, which can affect your floorboards a bit darker and pigmented oil that makes your wood flooring brighter choose.
  2. You should also know that in addition to this difference also other aspects that distinguish the oils. So there is a non-hardening oils that offer a more limited protection for your wood flooring, because you are made of natural oils. The farther it is hardening oils, which are not so far of course, because you have to use solvents for their application. Furthermore, you can also opt for oil-wax systems that are a combination of oils, waxes and solvents.
  3. Seek advice from a specialist dealer before oiling your hardwood floors. To avoid that you have selected oils not fit your timber. Then you should test the oil on a piece of wood to further ensure that the oil is suitable for your wood.

To lubricate the bottom right

  1. Shake your first oil well. Then you must deploy the oil for the first time by hand or machine polishing. By hand, this is of course only recommended for extremely small spaces. Next, you must apply the oil with the rollers on your Holdielen. You will need about 400 square meters for five milliliters of oil. Make sure in any case to the manufacturer's instructions, since, depending on varying amounts of oil must be used.
  2. Treat bodies absorb the oil very quickly again and wait for roughly a quarter hour. Now you can use the pads and polishing machine for rubbing the oil on the wooden planks. Now you have all excess oil extremely thoroughly wipe and let it dry for about six hours. Enter the tool in the trash or clean it very thoroughly, because the oil residues are highly flammable and therefore dangerous. After drying, you should use the wood planks care oil polish again.
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