Open an ice cream shop - so successful planning

Open an ice cream shop - so successful planning

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Proper planning prior to the opening of the ice cream parlor is important

The most important is your concept. Think carefully about what you want to realize exactly. Should it be a small ice cream shop for through traffic or would you be offering an attached cafe? What do you have in the program, only ice, or other specialties such as waffles, special café locations or something similar?

  • Take advantage of the offers, the Chamber of Commerce or other providers for a start-up course. Here you will learn many tricks to know and also gain a realistic view on many things that you need to consider. After all, not every resident of your residence even a customer of your newly opened ice cream parlor. And how do you plan advertising and the right amount of ice?
  • In addition, you should, if you have not completed Kaufmann training, attend a training course on the topic of accounting. Otherwise, there is always the risk that you miscalculate itself or the tax office closer look at your numbers. It is of course important that if you have your ice cream parlor open from the beginning of your income and expenses at a glance. Without experience as a businessman is often difficult.
  • Consider statutory provisions. If you work with food, there are strict requirements. It starts with hygiene, which is certainly also checked without registration, but also goes further on the duty after regular over the counter wipe out.
  • Each employee requires a health card (instruction in health care, costs about 50 euros), in addition there special rules because you are working with perishable foods (eggs as an ingredient, milk, cream). Additionally there is a crash course in catering.
  • What do you do in the winter? Sell ​​waffles and hot drinks? Or go to the store because of insufficient income from the summer time? This must be carefully considered.

The planning for the opening of the ice cream parlor is specifically

If you are sure after these considerations that you would like to proceed with planning the opening of your own ice cream parlor, you have to be more specific:

  • Search for a possible deal for the opening of your ice cream parlor. In the middle of the pedestrian zone you have more potential customers, but also significantly higher rental costs. Look at the situation closely.
  • Create a business plan. Here you must calculate all expected costs of ingredients on personnel costs to rent and credit. Calculate carefully. To euphoric expectations can quickly disappointed and you will thus put out of business. Preferably not in the place where you will appear as a competitor - Entertain yourself for example, owners of a cream.
  • Talk to your business plan by a start-up consultant. Here are your plans once again shines through. Learn how realistic your expectations, and to identify design errors.
  • Go to your bank and inquire about possible loans. Just the subsidized loans for KFW in cooperation with the bank is very attractive, because you have to make in the first year no repayment or payment of interest here. Additionally, you can, if you possibly can, already pay off the loan before the actual repayment would begin.
  • Do not forget you also need good Eisrezepte! And not only that - suppliers for your ingredients, ice cream cones, etc. want to be found. Alternatively, you can also look at a wholesale market near you, of course. Either way you need to know where you can get everything you need for opening your cream.

Completed planning - you open the ice cream shop

  • Register your business in the city and do you have now closed all statutory requirements (eg. As health pass the health authority, here you can find all other provisions relating to hygiene and prevention of diseases).
  • Promote Your Website! It's not for nothing "who do not advertise that dies". Especially with new opening your ice cream parlor there are great ways to attract customers. Particularly favorable offers, games for children with small profits and so on. Show yourself and your staff at your best.
  • Kindness is the A & O Train your employees and set clear standards are adhered to. You just as well by your staff.

If you follow all this, you can open your ice cream shop in peace. A successful planning is the best foundation for a successful start-ups.

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