Open champagne bottle - so it is possible

Open champagne bottle - so it is possible

To open champagne bottles, is not difficult.

Certainly, there are situations where opening a champagne bottle may be signaled by a loud bang. On New Years Eve, you may in appropriate mood and do not want it otherwise. What do you do but when opening the champagne bottle is vonstattengehen as quietly as possible?

The optimum conditions for sparkling wine

  • Is The colder the champagne, the smaller the risk that it overflows upon opening. Ask the cold bottle therefore timely.
  • The longer the champagne bottle is in the fridge, the better. It was briefly shaken before opening, you should expect a high pressure. This makes opening more dangerous.

To open the champagne bottle

  1. Remove the bottle from the refrigerator and place a towel ready.
  2. Ask the champagne then on a flat surface. When the cork is protected by aluminum foil, remove it. If the cork is protected by a wire, turn it up and pull it out of the bottle.
  3. From the moment when foil or wire no longer fixed the cork in the bottle neck, you must already be expected that the cork from the bottle up. This is especially the case when the sparkling wine is too warm, or the bottle was shaken.
  4. Most of the plugs but did not move for now. Especially natural corks often are tight right. Hold the bottle now with one hand on the neck. Remove the tea towel in the other hand and hold it so that the cork firmly.
  5. It is important that you now hold the bottle a little crooked. But you should still have contact with the surface.
  6. Then gently twist the cork. Use of the dish cloth you will not slip off it. After a few seconds you will notice that the cork can be moved and expresses the bottleneck.
  7. Hold it now very firmly and turn it gently out of the bottle. If you have done everything correctly, the champagne bottle opens only with a slight hiss.
  8. In the event that a few drops of champagne crowded, you can wipe it with a dish towel. Cheers!
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