Open Source CAD - Find out about the programs

Open Source CAD - Find out about the programs

Draw and construct computer with CAD programs

Get CAD as open source, so as freely accessible and usually free program, has now become easy thanks to the Internet. But how good are the freely available CAD programs, and why open source?

Worth knowing about CAD programs

  • Originally CAD programs come from the field for technical drawing. Here the computer has been used as a tool for 2D drawings.
  • Free CAD programs like DraftSight or Creo Elements, or LiteCAD Sweet Home 3D differ not only in the user interface. Of the purpose and method of use are different. So Sweet Home 3D is more commonly used for interior design, while Creo is more suitable for 3D assemblies. 2D or 3D is also sometimes differentially present.
  • DraftSight and LiteCAD are 2D programs. They have their own file formats. DraftSight is also applicable on Linux and Mac.
  • Especially in the field CAD so there are more specializations - even in the software. The main reason is that the user industries (surveying, electrical engineering, architecture, etc.) are very different.
  • Typical file formats for CAD programs are, for example DXF or DWF. However, 3D PDF and step are largely established.

Open Source and Its Advantages

  • As an Open Source applications and software are referred representing themselves as open source and freely accessible. Known licenses, for example, Apache, MPL, GPL or MIT.
  • As an Open Source applications and software are usually marked with "TM". This is a license, which presents itself as open source and freely accessible.
  • In plain language this means that Open Source is a piece of free software that is intended for the general public and their sophistication anyone can say in.
  • So to speak, open source is therefore a very social source code and software. Developed the principle of free software is to make 1997 with the decision, the source code of Netscape Navigator freely accessible for all. It later emerged also the Mozilla project.
  • In a study conducted in 2006 by the Commission of the benefits and the rise of open source is clearly demonstrated. No wonder then that more and more companies and individuals to resort to this kind of free software.
  • Open Source is managed by the Open Source Initiative. These are also available for the licenses.

There is also free and good CAD programs

  • AutoDesk software from the manufacturer or other well-known manufacturers is very expensive and thus differs from most for private use. There are some good and professional-use programs that can be downloaded for free from the Internet. CADEMIA is such a program and stands out from the crowd due to its ease of use and its wide range of functions from. The software not only runs on a Windows computer, but can also be used on a Mac or Linux computer.

So you can use the open source software CADEMIA

  1. Visit.'s Homepage CADEMIA and left click on the download link
  2. Click the Windows EXE installer and upload this file to your computer. Use Linux or Macintosh computer, then purchase the appropriate download file.
  3. Run the .exe file and start the installation. Select your language and click "next".
  4. Accept the open source license, and select a suitable installation location on your hard disk.
  5. Once installed, the program automatically creates a shortcut on your desktop and on this you can start the software.

Conclusion: Open Source CAD programs are very popular in many industries such as architecture, surveying, etc. The use of free software is also used more and more by individuals.

Additional Author: Alexander B├╝rkle

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