Open Style Boutique - please correct the store a modern

Open Style Boutique - please correct the store a modern

Setting stylish with simple shelves.

Setting up a Shop

  • Pick inspiration before committing yourself. Check out current housing trends in various furniture stores and ensure you are aware of it, leaving behind what style the most impression on you. By which you can be oriented in the direction of your inner style boutique.
  • Try to stand out from your competitors in the area of ​​the store. If you already have predicted observe decorate as other clothing stores in your neighborhood, you have the chance to become aware visually stand out from the others and thus stand out from the crowd.
  • If you feel overwhelmed at the facility questions, you can also assign an interior designer so. Who inquires of smaller companies can negotiate in advance about the total price.

Always the latest style

If you want to open a boutique with modern decor, you have the long term a crucial problem: furniture, wall colors and decoration are valid only for a certain period as "modern". For a boutique with a certain style, you can select either a timeless and less showy facility or care in planning for long-term variations:

  • Buy simple shelves or hanging rails. Possible wood surfaces should be smooth and simple. But the furniture does not have to remain simple. With adhesive films, you can make everything fashionable fit. If it does not look modern, replace the films. Your clients will think you had newly renovated.
  • Also walls can be reached by wall decals repeatedly to new attractiveness.
  • As Curtains buy ideally cheap, fashionable fabric panels. You may replace later or colored in the colors of the season.
  • With a little Abtönfarbe You can also miss the walls again a fresh look. Furthermore, you need not painstakingly paint my entire wall. Smaller parts of the walls are entirely sufficient. If you want to make the job even easier, use color instead of colored sheets of paper, which can be mounted with small little nails (which even works very well with a simple roll of wrapping paper).
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