Optimum tire pressure on a motorcycle - Note value

Optimum tire pressure on a motorcycle - Note value

The motorcycle tires should have the right pressure.

Optimal tire pressure increases safety

  • Optimum tire pressure is just the motorcycle important and therefore you must be careful again, because here you must understand that you want to have two postcards large areas at high speed grip on the road.
  • Optimum tire pressure is also reflected in the movement behavior, especially in corners and in the wet. In addition, you save gas when the pressure in the motorcycle fits. This protects the environment and your wallet.

On a motorcycle, the pressure adjustment is important

  • Optimum tire pressure is even a car essential, but the motorcycle you should check more often. It plays a major role, whether you are traveling alone or with a passenger, and possibly even luggage. You should adjust the pressure is in the operating manual for how much you should increase bar. In addition, you can customize many bikes the suspension, which is important in the interaction with the correct pressure in the tires.
  • In the manual, you can see how much pressure you should go, for it is as bad to have too much as well as too little. A low pressure tires, pushing a center, he quickly gets hot because he kneads and it greatly benefit the side. In curves, the quickly become dangerous when the tire wobbles under the rim.
  • If you have too much pressure, it can happen that you pull the tires off the rim in extreme maneuvers. The tire rides on a narrow strip from the center and no longer provides plenty of grip in curves.
  • Of course it depends a bit on it to which tires you have that on a larger scooter, but has small wheels can satisfy 1.2 to 2.5 bar. Also, especially when you drive on field at an enduro. In a street bike, depending on the type of tire, before 3 bar be optimal.
  • It is important that you tune the tire pressure on your tires individually, this should only drive the tires that are approved for your bike and ask the tire dealer for the optimal values ​​here.
  • In the manual you will find information about the data. It is best to not check the pressure regularly, but when the tires are hot from driving, then the pressure is higher than it actually is and always relate to cool wheels.
  • Whether you inflate home, with a strong foot pump or compressor unit or rather do it at the gas station, does not matter, as long as you do this regularly. If a tire loses air rapidly and conspicuously much, you should as soon as possible consult a tire dealer or mechanic.
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