Otus Verlag - knowing about supply and manuscript submission

Otus Verlag - knowing about supply and manuscript submission

Do not send unsolicited manuscripts large.

The range of Otus AG - Notes

  • The Swiss Otus Publishers is spe on textbooks. If you want to install a novel or a book of poetry, you will not succeed in this house.
  • The range includes fiction books for the average person, so no specific literature, or scientific. Typically include books contain descriptions on classic cars and railways. Also guide about yoga or what can take the grandparents with their grandchildren are in the range.
  • A lot of the topics is addressed to children and to young people, such as small atlases or a set of flags.
  • A cookbook you can in the publishing submit successfully, but it should have a special theme, such as cooking in clay pot.

The basics of script submissions from publishers

  • Most publishers specialize in specific subject areas, even if you have written the best novel of the world, is not this publish Otus Verlag. The scope of works is often limited. It makes no sense a script for a book that will include 5,000 pages, einzurechen at a Publisher of books brings out for 10 €.
  • It does not make sense, as a rule, to attack a publisher with a complete work. Write in concise summary and send a sample of your work with. The writing sample should be printed in the 1.5-fold lines decency sided and include no more than 2 chapter.
  • For longer-fiction book project a capital Overview belongs to it, so the editor can get an idea of ​​how you have set up the book.
  • Send a cover letter, a summary by the work sample and possibly a data CD with the complete text of the editorial office of the publisher. Remember, the editor must be able to recognize when a brief look at your documents, whether your work is generally for the publisher of interest. Only if he knows that this is the case, it will deal in more detail with your manuscript.

Do not send originals and no stack of photographs, because the risk is great that everything is lost.

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