Ovi Store: connection to the server is not possible - what to do?

Ovi Store: connection to the server is not possible - what to do?

There is a solution if the Ovi Store can not be achieved.

When you open on your Nokia smartphone Ovi Store and display the message that no connection can be made to the server, you should first check your Internet connection. Sometimes it also happens that the Ovi Store is not possible even to detect your device, which in turn leads to errors.

If for updates no connection to the Ovi Store is possible

  1. Especially after update the device software for your Nokia mobile phone, it comes when you open the Ovi Store to the query which connection you want to dial. If you have a point, for example, "wireless" Select here, then the message "Connection to the server is not possible". In this case, you should first check whether the internet connections are not stored correctly. It can happen in fact, that the connections after the update are still available, and only stopped working with the Ovi Store.
  2. First try in the "Settings" menu the "Options" the "default connection" to be set so that is always in demand in the construction ("Always Ask"). If you now open the Ovi Store, select the type of connection through which you access the Internet.
  3. If these measures do not lead to success and continues to appear the message that no connection could be established, you must delete the existing connection settings completely and create it again. Note that this must then be reassigned. You can do this by selecting the respective compound and move on "Options" in the appropriate category (eg., W-Lan).

When calling the server still does not work

  1. If, despite the above-described measures is not possible to connect to the server from Ovi Store, you should first check the accessibility of the website by going to this, for example, on the computer. If the page is reached, then the problem is probably due to the identification of your mobile phone.
  2. In order to show the available apps for your Nokia device is performed during the opening of the store, a check of the device. If the server can not detect your device, the error message is also issued.
  3. In this case you should use the app you want either wait until the problems have been fixed and a dial-up is possible again or download on your computer.
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