Pablo Picasso: The Dove - more than just a painting

Pablo Picasso: The Dove - more than just a painting

Doves are a symbol for peace.

Pablo Picasso - The Artist and his career

  • Pablo Ruiz Picasso is an artist who were devoted his lifetime to two museums. This can be justified by the fact that he treated many issues with his art of the twentieth century, to the Company of interest.
  • A significant period of the artist's career to the "blue period", which is about 1901, twenty years after his birth, began.
  • During this period he worked with monochromatic colors. In his works found feelings, such as loneliness, melancholy and sadness, space.
  • Only about three years later Picasso replaced the blue tones Pink tones. Therefore, experts often speak of the beginning of the "pink period". Others, however, see this section Picasso's art still belongs to the "blue period".
  • In this section, he strongly dealt with the artistry. Actors, singers and other artists were mostly painted in pinks and oranges.
  • Probably the most notable point in Pablo's career is the painting of Cubism. Picasso is seen as the creator of this art style.
  • Cubism is considered a revolution in art history. For this style was no longer the unreal in the foreground, but the harmony of space and realism.

Picasso's dove as a symbol of peace

  • Pablo Picasso is not only the creator of Cubism, but also the inventor of the dove of peace.
  • For the Paris World Peace Congress in 1949, he designed the lithography with the blue pigeon on a white background.
  • For this artwork, which was then repeatedly lithographed and sold, he received the 1955 World Peace Award.
  • He called his art simply as "The Dove". The simple art print quickly spread as a general symbol of peace.
  • Gives you some conjectures faith, we can assume that Picasso was inspired for this art print of the story of Noah's ark.
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