PC slow in XP - what to do?

PC slow in XP - what to do?

In a slow PC running XP, you can help yourself.

If your computer is slow in XP

  • If your PC is running slow in XP, you can remove it from the computer with a defragmentation old and useless system files. For this you go on one of the disks and click the right mouse button. Then should the rider 'formatting' appear. Then do the formatting and repeat the process with the other disks on your PC.
  • In addition, you can remove unused programs from your PC. There are special software that you can download for free from the Internet - such as CC Cleaner. Another way to throw unnecessary programs from the computer is to look in the Control Panel. Under the heading 'Software' or 'programs' you will find a list of programs that are on your computer. Go through the list and remove anything you no longer need.
  • Often graphics software requires a lot of disk space. Check out what graphics software you have and whether you really need it.

Bring your PC back on track

  • Furthermore, also the prefetch cache cause the PC running slow in XP. To fix this, you just need to go to the directory on the folder 'Windows'. Below you will find the Prefetch Directory. The contents of this folder to delete. This procedure can be repeated monthly for the PC to work quickly in the long term.
  • Another way to make your PC faster is to scan your computer for viruses and Trojans. This can sometimes block the system so that the processes are very slow. However, you should never use two different virus programs on a computer.
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