Phoenix roebelenii - Care instructions

Phoenix roebelenii - Care instructions

The Phoenix roebelenii represents an ornament for bright flats and the conservatory.

Phoenix roebelenii - Informative to the general care instructions

The dwarf date palm, etc. which is performed in the plant trade, garden centers as Phoenix roebelenii with the botanical name should be maintained according to the plant needs.

  • The dwarf date palm is a very great houseplant for the living area. As a dwarf palm, the maximum height of 2.5 m is achieved, which is sufficient for most home areas or the conservatory. Also in business premises or commercial premises such as offices gives the plant a natural flair.
  • In spring and summer, the light-compatible Phoenix roebelenii spent on the terrace or balcony. It is important that the plant especially not in the hot midday sun, because otherwise the palm suffer a sunburn in the summer months.
  • Once in the fall but the first frosts, the plant should be brought into the house. The winter is carried out in a bright location. To ensure that no Horny growth occurs, the temperature should not exceed 16 degrees, because no strong shoots can develop through the few sunlight in the cold season during the rest phase.
  • In summer, the Phoenix roebelenii should be well watered as the lack of high humidity, the plant is dependent on watering, otherwise dry up the delicate fronds.

Cultivation and care instructions to dwarf date palm

To ensure that your dwarf date palm grows well, you should cultivate this in addition to the general care instructions for the summer and winter, otherwise optimal. Because the base of the healthy plant growth is the proper supply of water and nutrients.

  1. Fill the plant pot in the lower part with a few potsherds and a few pebbles. This ensures a good distance between roots and the irrigation water that may accumulate if necessary. You should make sure that excess irrigation water in the pot or coaster is poured off immediately, so that the water does not accumulate.
  2. Fill then the pot with potting soil, humus and coconut fibers so that a nutritious and permeable substrate of the Phoenix roebelenii is available. In the summer, you should look at high temperatures and plenty of sunlight that pour the plant at least once every two days. The raising of the pot gives you information about whether you should pour again.
  3. Leave as you move through the levels Erdsubstratbestandteile a hole in the center of the pot so that the palm can be potted with the root system.
  4. Ask. The dwarf palm tree with the roots in the planting hole Pour the rest of the substrate with the hands so that your palm is stabilized in the pot. Press the earth then again flat, so that small air holes are closed in the substrate.
  5. Pour your little dwarf date palm good, you should right from the start discarded after about 5 minutes the excess water.
  6. Place the plant in partial shade, so that during the acclimation period for the first few weeks does not give a sunburn.
  7. The spraying the leaves with a spray bottle in the winter can avoid brown leaves in heating seasons. This measure several times a week you increase the humidity in favor of the plant.

With the attentive care with these care instructions, you can watch your Phoenix decades roebelenii grow and prosper. The repotting should make the growth depends, every three years, provides a repotting a measure which can stimulate stagnation in the palm to the healthy growth again.

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