Photoshop - produce smoke

Photoshop - produce smoke

Even variety of cigarette smoke, you can adjust with Photoshop.

Submit steam and smoke later

  1. In Photoshop, open the image in question and take your pick from a training image with a burning cigarette.
  2. Now create a new layer and make sure that this is more than your previous image plane.
  3. Now select the tool "brush" in any strength in your tool palette. Set the color to white and paint from the burning cigarette two to three curved lines on your image.
  4. Then you need to soften the smoke is painted by the filter menu in Photoshop. Follow by clicking to the "Filter" menu, "blur filter" and then "motion blur". Now enter the angle of 5 degrees, and adjust the distance to about 65 a, then confirm with "OK".
  5. Finally, select the menu again, select "filter" and then click on the sub-item "Liquify". In the new window, you can now modify your smoke. The individual tools for editing, click the Photoshop window on the left side. Work with the "warp tool", "Turbulence tool" and the "Twirl tool, you can adjust the path of the vapor with a few clicks as realistic as possible and this individually adapted to your image.

In Photoshop to adjust the smoke

If even now very real, you can simulate more closely with Photoshop steam, so your image editing is finally no longer recognizable.

  1. Select the tool to "smudge" in your tool palette and break the hard contours of steam with the help of something. Your smoke should now already received a slightly wind-blown character.
  2. Now the smoke is very strong, on the filter "motion blur" you can let it fade when required. Be very careful and try individually to your photo output different values. Depending on the image, you can achieve a more realistic result closer to an angle of 40 degrees and a distance of 10.
  3. Reduce the opacity of your level now. Depending on which subject you have chosen, you can reduce up to 50%.
  4. If desired, you can now also colorize your smoke. Select the mini preview of your plane with a left click and hold down the key combination "CTRL + T". Click here now in the tool box the "Paint Bucket" on, set the color to any color and opacity of matching and then fill in the highlighted area.

As you can see, you can use the infamous blue haze subsequently incorporated into an image thanks to Photoshop itself.

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