Pocket Bike Carburetor - Function and advice on settings

Pocket Bike Carburetor - Function and advice on settings

Pocket bikes fit in your pocket. © Rudolpho_Duba / Pixelio

A pocket bike should be simple and easy

  • Almost every perfection of a mechanical function is associated with a higher amount of material and weight. Therefore, highly armed and comfortable vehicles are always bulky and heavy. A carburetor instead of injection is an eloquent example.
  • In the gasifier does not take place about the gasification of fuel, as for example suggested by the name, but the fuel is atomized by the sucked air flow. A special channel system is to start an enriched mixture prepared and switching to the "driving" must sometimes be done by hand.
  • If a fault occurs in the carburetor can be separated from the pocket bike in a few steps. Then you can break it down on a clean surface and clean. Most problems are caused by dirt in the fuel clogging the tiny holes in the nozzle.

The carburetor and its function

  • First, you have to fill the petrol a small case in which a float ensures that the level is always at the right level. A valve shuts off the flow when the float presses hard enough upward.
  • Now gasoline is at the level that it is allowed to be carried along with the intake air. It emerges from several small holes arranged in the intake duct. The stronger the air flow is when you accelerate your pocket bike, the more fuel-air mixture is aspirated.
  • The rules governing this process takes a slider or a flap that can change the cross section of the intake duct. At full throttle, so if the engine is to bring full power, then the throttle is fully open, while it is almost closed at idle.

Adjust the carburetor correctly

  1. A traditional carburetor provides several features that can be changed through settings. The main jet plays the dominant role. It is usually regulated by a conical needle that you can depend on several stages. Select by trial and error, the stage which shows good performance without driving the consumption of too high a level.
  2. The idle adjust a by turning the idle air screw on the position in which your engine is idling without jerking the highest rotates. They recognize the idle air screw at the bottom of the carburetor on the underlaid spring.
  3. A quiet and smooth idling away again when you return the stop screw for the throttle so far that the engine is still running around and does not die.
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