Police: Vision Test - what you can expect

Police: Vision Test - what you can expect

A good vision plays a role in the police.

The entrance examinations to the police

  • As part of a targeted training or career with the police, you will notice that you will not be able to avoid individual tests.
  • These tests are dependent on the individual countries, which may lead to irregularities in the individual process.
  • In general, you will first need to score but with general knowledge and memory.
  • It normally connects to a sporty test where strength, speed and stamina play a significant role.
  • Only after a successful completion of this second and thus logically the first part is followed by a medical examination. This is to ensure that your senses have the necessary sharpness required for the service.
  • It is essentially a hearing and a vision test.

The characteristics of eye tests

  • The police eye test differs only slightly from a specialist medical eye test or an equivalent certificate, which can also issue you an optician.
  • Because basically only checks how good your visual acuity and whether the data of z. B. meet your spectacle of accuracy. In addition, however, is not that your color recognition is checked.
  • First, however, the sharpness test. Here, your eyes are then examined in terms of how well these with or without glasses. This means that you, if you use your glasses a must have on hand.
  • Contact lenses are usually not allowed.
  • Also, there are limits here, which diopter values ​​are in general the maximum allowed. This should bring you in advance of experience in the application departments of the office. A general measure may be here that you need to come to at least 30% of the prescription without tools.
  • The sharpness test behaves so far lived when you have to read from a table or this is checked by the look in a test device. Examples are such. As circles with holes or simple letters.
  • Here is now added, however, that you also need to recognize colors and your glare and twilight capability is examined in the context of a possible night blindness.
  • In color, the focus remains is to eliminate the red-green color blindness. Because this could otherwise be quite cumbersome.
  • In general, you should check in advance themselves and answer all questions truthfully. So you can already estimate whether an application is at all meaningful.
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