Pomelo fruit - so it is peeled and cooked

Pomelo fruit - so it is peeled and cooked

The Pomelo fruit has a hollow center axis.

The Pomelo fruit

  • 1970 Grapefruit and grapefruit crossed into Israel. The produced fruit is called pomelo. In Germany they came on the market in 1974.
  • At first she was planted in Israel and South Africa, and later also in China and Southeast Asia.
  • Pomelo comes from English and means grapefruit.
  • The Pomelo fruit has properties similar to grapefruit. They are pear-shaped and usually have a weight from 500 to 2000 g. The diameter is about 15 cm to 25 cm. The fruit has a whitish yellow to greenish shell under which is a spongy, thick layer. The flesh is pale yellow to roséfarben and tastes sour, sweet and refreshing. The central axis of the pomelo is hollow.

Peel the fruit

  1. The pomelo fruit is peeled like an orange. Remove the packaging and cut with a sharp knife the fruit completely cross a. Make sure that the pulp is not very much injured.
  2. Now you can fold the 4 sides of the bowl down. This shows that the shelling of a pomelo by hand is almost impossible.
  3. Do you have the shell removed, cut the fruit in half by one. Turn the halves and remove the white cup. It should not be eaten because it tastes bitter.
  4. Now you can remove the individual segments and eat.

The Pomelo fruit can be eaten plain or to make a salad out of it. It is also suitable for cocktails or juices.

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