Poor digestion - what to do?

Poor digestion - what to do?

Brine helps with poor digestion.

Causes of poor digestion

  • Poor digestion is often found in combination with poor nutrition. Low-fiber diet, too much animal protein, too many sweets and especially too little fluid. All these "sins" can hinder proper digestion.
  • But poor digestion may well arise in connection with gastrointestinal diseases or by taking certain medicines, such as iron supplements or antidepressants.

Tips to poor digestion

  • What you can do yourself against poor digestion, is switching to a healthy, high-fiber diet. Eat instead of white flour products more products on wholemeal flour base. Several times a day fruit, vegetables and low in animal protein are very important. Avoid evening on raw foods and vegetables blähendes.
  • Drink plenty of fluid. Especially if you take more fiber intake, drinking carbonated water is extremely important. The daily amount of at least two liters should not be exceeded.
  • What you can do for yourself is to take the form of enzymes in pineapple, papaya and mangoes to him. Eat after every meal a piece of pineapple, papaya or mango. These fruits are very rich in enzymes and thus stimulate digestion.
  • Drink before you eat a cup of ginger tea. For this, cut a piece of a fresh ginger root from, peel it and let sit for five to ten minutes in a pot with water to cook yourself. Then remove the piece of ginger and keep the ginger water in a jug warm.
  • Grab the pharmacy called Amara drops. These contain bitter substances. Bitters stimulate digestion as well. The pharmacy will advise you regarding intake.
  • Drink in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of water with a teaspoon of salt. These sols you can make yourself. To do obtain Himalayan salt lumps, give one or two of them in a jar, pour this with still water, screw the lid on and let it rest for two to three hours. Subsequently, the brine is ready. Of this you can see daily. Make sure, however, that the salt lumps are always covered with still water.
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