Poor eyesight due to stress - Informative

Poor eyesight due to stress - Informative

Stress can affect vision.

The result is that you see bad

Stress causes the body some reactions that affect body functions. Short-term stress affects most stimulating and enhance performance, the body is able to accomplish great achievements.

  • However, if you are under stress for a long time, the loaded his body too much and this can be expressed for example in the typical tension. Headaches can occur due to stress. Frequently, tight muscles play a role.
  • If you work a lot on the screen and suffer from stress and tension headaches, then this can also be bad seeing. Through the influence that stress has on the immune system and the muscles of the body, it can cause flickering eyes, blurred vision or double vision.
  • Stress can affect blood circulation, a vermindnerte blood flow can also affect the eyes and thus impair vision. If you tend unwanted stress to high blood pressure, this can also affect your vision, since the eye pressure rises. This is also a treatment of blood pressure is necessary to avoid further damage.
  • Stress and related fatigue and lack of sleep also have an effect also visual acuity and concentration, so that this can manifest as poorer vision.

Through exercises to reduce stress

However, if you see worse by stress, then you can actively do something about it. Light eye training helps, especially with computer workstations to relieve your eyes and improve vision.

  1. Begin to loosen up circling your shoulders, back and forth. Then pull both shoulders all the way up to the ears and let them fall again.
  2. Now set up straight, keep your head relaxed and loose and pull the chin a little. Now move the eyes slowly from right to left without mitzubewegen the head about 10 times. Then, the same up and down.
  3. Keep one eye with one hand, the other hand you stretch and turn the palm to you. Fix the eye a point within the palm, move now hand over the eye and back away.
  4. Yawn in between while working quiet a few times. To enable tear fluid, which prevents drying of the eye.
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