Poroton T8 - Product Notes

Poroton T8 - Product Notes

Bricks can also be heat insulating.

To save money at the thermal insulation in houses, in times where all kinds of energy seem to get into immeasurable heights, quite counter-productive. Therefore, you should early to think about how you want to build a meaningful insulation. Here, the developers of such systems have already come up with something to both effective and less labor intensive to perform this task. The poroton T8 is a Bauziegel with which you can immediately kill several birds with one stone. Below you will be shown the effectiveness of this building material.

The thermal protection without the poroton T8

  • If you want to build a heat protection without using the poroton T8, you have two options. For one, you can attach it from the outside and on the other from the inside.
  • Is the most effective protection of the outside, since also the masonry is protected especially from moisture. The worse solution is the insulation from the inside, as there always moisture can penetrate into the masonry, which can lead to a wetness between wall and insulation, which can lead to mold growth in the worst case.

Achieve a perfect thermal insulation with the poroton T8

  • The poroton T8 is a revolution in the field of construction with thermal protection. This brick wall to reach not only the perfect insulation without attaching additional Styrofoam elements, but also a perfect sound insulation. This is of course an advantage, especially if you live for example, on a busy main road.
  • This brick is placed in its interstices with Perlitkugeln that ensure perfect thermal insulation in masonry construction. There is this stone wall in different strengths.
  • When masonry has been found that the best functionality is provided in a wall thickness of 42.5 cm. Of course, the other strengths for optimal results provide, for example, the construction of a garage where a less strong wall is required.
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