Power theft - what to do?

Power theft - what to do?

Proceed against power theft.

What can you do with a power theft

  • First, you should regularly check your meter reading. In most cases you will find the meter in the stairwell or in the cellar. Write down the values ​​and compare the values ​​with your last electricity bill. If the calculated value exceeds the value that you normally have in the same accounting period, there is an error and you should do something.
  • Please contact in this case. Immediately to the landlord and the utility company Your electricity supplier is an employee by email checking your electricity meter to a power theft. If the power company a fixed power theft, perhaps because the lines have been manipulated, he must restore the power system.
  • Refund at a power theft necessarily to the police. So you can prove that you did not cause increased power consumption itself, and may appeal to a high electric bill contradiction. A person who commits a theft of electricity is liable to prosecution.

Recommended actions in power theft for advertisers

  • Your landlord must be informed of the theft of electricity in knowledge. As a landlord, you also need to do in case of power theft something, let namely check the electricity meter. Send consult an electrician in the affected house.
  • First, ask the tenant who suspects a power theft if he has already turned to its energy supplier. In this case, the utility electricians who check the power supply sends.
  • You must wear a landlord the resulting repair costs if the power supply is not set correctly. Is the one with power theft, the energy company to put the system repaired, since this is the property of the local utility.
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