PowerPoint: Remote control - Informative

PowerPoint: Remote control - Informative

Remote controls allow more natural presentation.

The remote control for PowerPoint presentations

Remote controls are not only for TV and DVD player, but also for laptops and computers in order to be able to display PowerPoint presentations better.

  • Handling the remote control is very simple: As a rule - no matter what the brand - a receiver plugged into the USB port. This then receives the signals of the actual handheld remote control. Thus, the remote control can be handled over the radio. Most radio signals reach 10 to 15 meters.
  • Normally, the remote controls must not be installed on the computer. The operating system detects the remote control, just like a computer mouse and you can start right away with use.
  • The control is also very simple. Usually there is a check-in and off button, a start button, buttons for switching back and forth and sometimes black buttons on screen and sound on and off. The characters on the remote control to explain almost by itself.

The remote controls are available from different brands and manufacturers. Leading brands like Logitech are here, August and Keyspan. Prices vary between 10 € and 50 € favorable than usual purchase prices. At the top, there is no limit pricing.

The advantages of remote control

Why, if the films but can be controlled via mouse clicks a PowerPoint remote control also quickly and easily?

  • Especially if you've ever been in a situation Prüfuns- or presentation, you will see that every little tool calms the nerves. In order to keep a really great presentation, it is important that you are able to move freely. So you can speak more naturally while using gestures, which otherwise - if you were to stand just in front of the laptop or PC to get to the Mouse - limited or no would be possible.
  • The long range also makes it possible to move freely around the room. You can also take a look at the presentation on the wall, you should have moved too far away from the presentation server and interact with the audience.
  • Further, the USB remotes have the advantage that they can be connected quickly and easily. The fact that (mostly) no installation is necessary, it is possible, for example, for a presentation at the University of simply bring the Fernbedieungen and be connected to the University computer.

Conclusion: Even if a presentation is possible with or without remote control, remote controls offer a luxury that can be helpful, especially in stressful situations presentation.

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