Print in Word 2007 - so choose the right settings

Print in Word 2007 - so choose the right settings

When printing, select the correct settings.

To optimize print a document, you should not need to use the Quick Print feature of Microsoft Word 2007, but adjust the various settings on the document first.

Printing documents

  1. Especially when you have multiple pages written in Word 2007, you should select from the menu "File" and click "Print".
  2. Here you can first specify the number of pages to be printed. In this case choose the desired number of "copies".
  3. Individual pages can be defined here. You can, for example, by entering "1 - 3" to print only the first three pages. Or select page 1, 3, 5, to be used only to print them.
  4. You can also choose whether one page per sheet to be printed, or if you want to print the document on both sides.
  5. Now select the format. The default is always the vertical format. Need wider margins, so you can define it here.

Setting up the page in Word 2007

  1. Now that you have determined how you want to print the document in Word 2007, you have the option "Page Setup" link to change them according to your wishes.
  2. Particularly important is the layout. Here you can specify whether you want the header and footer printed.
  3. By clicking "edges" you can have them not only to view, but also change in the structure and color. Based on the preview you can check that the settings you like.
  4. With the "line numbers" you can define whether to stand in front of each line a number. This is especially with long lectures required to indicate by row number, for example, certain things can again.
  5. Did you adjust your document accordingly, click "OK". Now you can return to the first window. Here again appears the preview. Now you can print the document by clicking on the button.
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