Printer will not print - Troubleshooting

Printer will not print - Troubleshooting

Printer errors are often the driver software.

Reasons why the machine does not print

Is it not possible for you to print out pages with your printer, this can be due to several sources of error. Above all, however, this may be due to the software, as these are often not updated. Other common sources of error when the printer does not print, are:

  • Lost connection to computer or network printers, for example, an error in the network.
  • A common error is a paper jam in the machine if a sheet sets in the rolls.
  • Open jobs in the printer management / queue because of faulty files.

Troubleshooting the Printer

The problems can be resolved quickly and easily in most cases. Visit the Internet initially the printer manufacturer and perform a software update. If the driver is installed, reboot the computer. If the printer still does not print after, proceed as follows:

  1. Check the connection cable between the computer and the printer. Look for a firm fit of the cable or damage. Replace the cable if necessary.
  2. Open the appliance door and check to see if a sheet of paper is the reason why the machine does not print. Gross contamination can also be a reason that the machine does not print. Therefore, clean the print head and rollers with a brush.
  3. Open the device manager and click on your printer with the right mouse button. Select the menu item open orders. Delete any existing unexecuted orders printer and restart the printer and computer.

In rare cases, the printhead is defective. If it does not work for all measures, please contact the manufacturer / seller.

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