Produce grape juice itself - so succeeds's

Produce grape juice itself - so succeeds's

Ask grape juice ago.

A process for the production of grape juice

Grapes very juicy fruit can be processed in various ways into grape juice. You can easily establish itself, the preservation is more difficult:

  • Juicer: Wash the grapes. In a juicer, you can complete vine extract the juice. So that you have insects with juicing, you should immerse the vines a few minutes in water. Enter the vines in the juicer. The separation of grape juice and solid components is performed automatically.
  • Mixer: The mixer can also extract the juice. In that case, you need to solve the individual grapes from the vines, the skin and remove the seeds, because these ingredients make the juice bitter. You get such a thick juice containing pulp. You can also filter the juice.
  • Hei├čentsaften A steam or pressure cooker: Enter the washed grapes in the perforated insert. The stems should be removed more efficiently. Peel and seeds can remain in the fruits. Now you need to fill in the pot add water, load the unperforated collection and use about the perforated bowl with the fruit. Heat everything up from the grapes of grape juice drips into the top tray.
  • When juicer you can see the cum all over a cock in a pressure cooker, you must remove the insert and then catch the juice. In a pressure cooker you should expect about 10 to 15 minutes cooking time in the juicer longer.

Making yourself clear juice

To give you a clear grape juice, you need to filter these after establishing himself:

  1. Take a cotton cloth, preferably a baby diaper from Mull, a pillow or a tea towel. Wash as usual this cloth and leave again in a short cycle with no additives run through the washing machine. To remove all soap residue.
  2. Tighten this cloth between the legs of a reversed asked for a table chair.
  3. Ask. A bowl on the now overhead underside of the seat and throw it to the grape juice that you have made yourself, in the cloth

To get a clear grape juice.

Produce durable grape itself

You can use this juice immediately after preparation drink, but he would quickly turn to wine and vinegar later if you do not preserve it:

  • Fill the grape juice directly in the manufacture A steam into clean bottle with a twist-off lid. Evert around the bottle and let it cool this - the juice is now sterile and packed.
  • Do you have the juice after one of the other methods established, you can boil them and then fill them as described in the bottles. Since they can not remove the piping hot juice from the pressure cooker, you must also boil this juice again briefly before bottling it.
  • Cold-formed juices You do not need to cook, you can enter it in high doses or freeze plastic bottles and freeze.

Sugar preserves the juice, but if you give enough sugar so that it preserves, you have almost a syrup. It is better, therefore, to sweeten the juice as needed just before eating, rather than producing a sticky sweet grape juice it yourself you manufacture.

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