Pulse quick too high - what to do?

Pulse quick too high - what to do?

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A rapidly increasing pulse often due to the training condition

The pulse is different for every person. There are a guide only, like a "normal" heart rate should be. The pulse also depends largely on the individual fitness.

  • The normal pulse range at rest is in a healthy adult humans typically between 50 and 100 beats per minute. In young children, the average resting heart rate is correspondingly higher, it is between 150 beats per minute (fetuses) and 85 beats per minute (young people). The average resting heart rate of an adult is 75 beats per minute and increases in seniors again to an average of 90 beats per minute. Well-trained endurance athletes, however, often have a very low resting heart rate from an average of 32-45 beats per minute. An underlying pulse is extremely rare. In such endurance athletes next to the lung volume and stroke volume is significantly increased. So endurance athletes have almost never fight with too high pulse, because the body is trained and is designed for this high load.
  • The pulse thus depends heavily on the individual fitness. Are you so very untrained and never exercise, it may be that your pulse from a resting heart rate of 80 beats per minute range increases even at normal stairs of three to five levels above 150 beats per minute. This comes from the fact that your body needs to implement the unaccustomed burden for themselves in earnest. Your body needs to ensure more plague than the body of a man experienced cyclist. So that your heart rate quickly rises very high.

Rapidly increasing heartbeat indicates untrained state

Occur frequently and too fast rising pulse in people who exercise, for example, all day sedentary work. If not after work regularly balancing sport is played, is characterized soon "chronic Untrainiertheit" from. The pulse is already rising rapidly at small loads to dizzying height. If this is the case for you, you should quickly begin to increase your physical fitness. Start small, however, because here once wins the regularity in everyday life.

  • Climb stairs instead of taking elevator or escalator, and stand in the office more often once and walk around a bit or represent at least the legs so that your blood comes from the bent tubes again right into a run.
  • Have you done it without you come quite a sweat, comes the next step. Go now also walk after work at least half an hour. To increase your activity, you create after two weeks of this standard program up a notch and march your route now tight and fast. All you need is a quarter of an hour, expand the distance, so you will again every day for half an hour. You must internalize this. It belongs quasi to your daily "work" to do so.
  • You will find that you no longer so bad sweat. While your heart rate is still rising, but not so high and not quite as fast, because you have earned more stamina. Obviously you need to have even more work on yourself to get a pulse at the optimal height. Convert this to the tight, fast walking in walking. To do best every other day for half an hour walken and walk normally on the other days. When walking, take the arms and shoulders with a targeted manner. Keep your arms over her chest and work with the elbow with strength and energy to the rear. It might initially aching muscles in the upper body region arise when you have little upper body muscles.
  • Make Nordic walking with walking sticks, you should look for when walking that you always have the left arm and right foot and vice versa front - at the same time are then left foot and right arm back. Let the walking pole at the rear movement always dangle loosely in the hand strap, grasp but with energy again when you move your arms in the sequence of steps forward. The use of walking sticks as canes, if you want walking, wrong. The sticks have the sense to bring it with more power forward faster. Special walking courses, where you take the right steps and the right attitude to be taught, you can now find in almost any gym.
  • If you are better trained and have more practice, you need a heart rate monitor. Previously, you should only make the program and the exercises that you can perform without being too hard. So you should also be able to always maintain calm during flexing. Do not look at the very beginning of time. If you can not, take a break. Help increase your stamina acquired can then later be placed on the use of targeting a heart rate monitor.
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