Purchase contract for a boat - what should note the

Purchase contract for a boat - what should note the

Anyone selling a boat, you should prepare a written Sales Agreement.

What must contain an agreement to purchase a boat

  • Who buys a boat from a private seller, necessarily requires a contract, so in disputes legal certainty is given later.
  • The purchase contract must necessarily your first and last name and address, include your date of birth and telephone number. The same data have to be taken up by the seller.
  • Now you must specify exactly which name the boat has. Hold whether it is a motor boat, a yacht, sailboat or even a sailing yacht. Then, the manufacturer's name, the shipyard and the boat name must be specified. It must be made remarks about the ADAC boat license and other registrations. Now the dimensions and year of the boat must be listed. The hull number, sail number, the manufacturer of the motor and the motor and drive number should be mentioned also by the Treaty point of purchase.
  • In your next contract point fix in the contract of sale the price you have agreed in advance with the seller.
  • Be sure to take a test drive before buying and contractual right after the test drive the condition of the boat.
  • You can complete a point in your sales contract for the accessories of the boat.
  • Acknowledge the receipt of all certifications and insurance certificates and other evidence.

To get a free template for a sales contract

  • If you decide to let go of your dream of a boat in performance, you should use a purchase agreement. It is certainly not for everyone, even to write a purchase contract for a boat.
  • You can download a free template for a contract of sale on the Internet on the website of the ADAC.
  • Need to make your home more points in the contract in your individual case, so you should add the template.
  • Are you still unsure then it is advisable to engage a lawyer before the purchase a boat.
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