PVC "ship's bottom" - so you create the look

PVC "ship's bottom" - so you create the look

To create a ship's bottom PVC is easier than you think.

How to choose the right flooring

Select a covering or tiles made of PVC, which can leave a ship's bottom arise. It is important that the pattern is not only wearing a wood look and has a natural-looking grain, but was also provided with corresponding joints. Joints should there be optically clear discontinued extend over the entire length and can also be designed final and not offset parallel.

  • Do you prefer matte or purely soft shining surfaces. These are more reminiscent of wood and are less artificial.
  • Decide on wood pattern in muted tones and duller, a slight antique look or already used acting coverings are ideal. This gives your covering PVC a ship's bottom look and creates a more natural and realistic impression.
  • Decide on the meter, the laying made relatively quickly and easily. However, this should also be stuck for a comfortable ride.
  • PVC tiles need a bond in each case. Here you are self-adhesive tiles and autograph glue application to choose from.

Design a ship's floor with PVC - Instructions for tiles

If you have opted for PVC tiles for your ship's bottom and want to lay even this well, you need besides the matching tiles and special glue, a trowel and a chalk line.

  1. Each measure from the center of two walls opposite each other and pull from these points per a chalk line.
  2. Draw cord along the lines. This will overlap in the middle of the room and should be here right angles can be calculated. This is important so that the tiles really are just later.
  3. Arrange the tiles so now that the grain joints and extend in the same direction and later are really act like a ship's deck.
  4. Apply glue in the middle of the room, starting with the line cross on the ground.
  5. First set of four tiles, each in the corner of the cross, and align it straight and finally made.
  6. Starting from the middle, you can now edit a quarter each, the outermost edges have room but for the time being.
  7. Give time to dry the glue enough to.
  8. Measure and cut the edges corresponding edge tiles deal. To complete, these as described on the ground. Finish your ship's bottom on land.
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