Record creepy songs themselves - Music for Halloween

Record creepy songs themselves - Music for Halloween

Record your own music for Halloween is fun and easy.

Tips for spooky songs and sounds

  • If the Halloween music can be played only on your own party, you can use familiar songs as a base. Select instrumental music and provided them with a dense own text or the text of another song individually in order - with a little creativity and time, you can create as creepy yet funny songs.
  • You do not want to rely on ready-melodies, you need tools or a cappella can provide the appropriate background.
  • Take additionally creepy or disgusting sounding noise. A fork over the plate squeaks, rattles of links, the wet sound of a falling cloth or sponge - your budget is full of possibilities.

My Music for Halloween record - Manual

  1. To record your own music for Halloween, you need first, of course, a suitable recording device. Depending on how well will be the sound quality, can this a simple voice recorder or whether a high-quality microphone for the computer be useful.
  2. Provide a quiet environment. Traffic noise, a musical wind chime or Spülgeräusch the washing machine can ruin even the scariest song.
  3. Place all items before you need for special effects. A rattling chain rattling wood, reminiscent of bones, bursting branches - with a little imagination are the easiest things to the source of horror sounds.
  4. Take your music for Halloween once on a sample holder. Whether may still interfere with background noise, some effects do not sound as desired or text are indistinct, so you can find the fastest.
  5. Please correct anything that is not yet sounds like you want, and start a new recording. Would you like to take long songs, it may also be useful to divide the songs into sections and cut together until the computer by using an editing program.
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