Rehasport Germany e. V. - Informative

Rehasport Germany e. V. - Informative

Rehasport Germany supports providers of rehabilitation sports.

Rehabilitation sports in Germany

Rehabilitation Sport, short rehab sports, supplements and medical rehabilitation.

  • Rehabilitation Sport is not a new invention, but has been known for decades. However, there is a legal right to the payment of rehabilitation sports activities by health insurance is only since 2001. For the institutions and organizations that perform the actions a binding framework agreement, for example, specifies the required qualifications of the trainer applies.
  • A right to rehabilitation sports that must be prescribed by a doctor, but does not affect its budget, people with disabilities, such as paralysis have. Even people with health problems, which have serious consequences should be prevented, but may be prescribed appropriate training. This can be the case with back problems, heart disease or osteoporosis. Prescribers also issues a recommendation on the type of rehab sports. Therapeutic Exercises for example, offer disabled sports clubs, to clubs for Health and Sport and partially Fitness Center or practices for physiotherapy.

The association Rehasport

The association Rehasport Germany is a registered charity based in Berlin.

  • Rehasport Germany e. V. sees itself as a federal association representing providers of rehabilitation sports, promote the legal right to rehabilitation sports activities and would like to motivate stakeholders to continue autonomously the sport even after the doctor's prescription. An important goal of the association is also to achieve that, besides clubs more and more other qualified entities such as physiotherapy practices or gyms offer rehabilitation sports.
  • The duties of the Association is to support the rehabilitation provider of sports activities, for example, through agreements with payers, as well as to ensure quality in the field of sports rehabilitation and to develop education and training courses and perform heard. In addition, the institution sees its tasks is to encourage research projects, to promote and implement to inform the public about the importance of sports rehabilitation measures and across sectors to cooperate with professional associations in the field of health sport.

Rehasport Germany is thus rather a kind of association for providers of qualified rehabilitation sports activities.

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