Remove aphids on roses - so succeeds's

Remove aphids on roses - so succeeds's

Ladybugs are natural enemies of aphids.

So beautiful roses in your garden flower, like not only you, but also hosts of aphids. If you are looking for effective home remedy for this annoying bugs, then you will find practical suggestions and easy suggestions.

In the fight against aphids

  1. To be effective against aphids on roses are cigarette ash or which has proved of cigars. For this you need the ash regularly to sprinkle over the potting soil and the lice disappear gradually.
  2. In addition, you put soapy water against aphids on roses. By unscrewing 25 g Schier soap on a liter of very hot water. After the soap has dissolved and the water has cooled, fill the broth in a water splash and spray the aphids regularly so that a.
  3. A more effective weapon against aphids do you get when you add another 10 ml methylated spirits.
  4. Be careful not to use regular soap, but additive-free potash soap, available to buy in pharmacies and drugstores.

These home remedies destroy pests of roses

  1. Enter a pound of nettles in a bucket of five liters of water and let it pull the broth for 24 hours. Strained and poured into a water splash, the whole plants are regularly sprayed with it.
  2. Farnkrautbr├╝he also helps against aphids and other pests: You must let them go a kilo of fresh ferns in ten liters of water for 25 hours. Then, the broth is boiled for half an hour. Cooled and sifted, these broth is sprayed every second day on the roses.
  3. Boil a kilo rhubarb leaves in a liter of water, you strain from the broth and release it 1 teaspoon liquid soap on. The broth is cooled sprayed on the roses.

Beneficial destroy aphids on roses

If you want to use any chemical agent or home remedies that may yet destroy other animals, then beneficials are attached.

  1. As beneficials against aphids on roses ladybug apply.
  2. The gall midge, lacewings and hoverflies destroy with preference aphids on roses.
  3. These beneficial insects can be ordered online.

All proposals against aphids on roses or other plants in your garden, home remedies are more effective when you simply wipe down the aphids with a soft brush. The annoying pests are removed in this way, of course, with environmental and roses due to the used home recipes do not want to infect.

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