Remove leeches - how it works

Remove leeches - how it works

Leeches are not easy to remove.

Leeches live in tropical areas

  • Leeches can be dropped from leaves. Also on passing through of wetlands can get in touch with these bloodsuckers.
  • In general, the infestation with leeches is not dangerous. However, once drawn, the beasts are difficult to remove. They then fall off on its own, if they have soaked up.
  • The produced wound can bleed for several hours. This applies of course to prevent. With a styptic pencil in your pocket can optionally stop the bleeding. The administration of the homeopathic remedy phosphorus can be used for hemostasis.

To remove leeches Tips

  • If you are a smoker, you can einheizen leeches belonging with a burning cigarette. Try to touch the leech with a burning cigarette. But be careful! Do not burn yourself. Most leeches fall off by it.
  • Instead of cigarette you can also use a lighter, but however cautiously, only the leech should come into contact with.
  • You can also try to sprinkle a leech with lemon juice. Or sprinkle with salt, also pleases the little critters not really.
  • In the drugstore or in the pharmacy, you can get an insect pin. Touch so that the leech to remove it. An insect pin has more going than a lemon or salt.

Protection against attack with leeches

  • Thus, the bloodsuckers have not got a chance, you should wear long pants and a long sleeved top. Both should be of solid tissue. Additionally helps to wear nylon stockings, you cut off, can also contribute to the poor.
  • Apply a mixture of almond oil and oil various citrus essential oils, so the leeches only can not attack.
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