Rent in advance - Note value

Rent in advance - Note value

The rent must be paid mainly in advance.

Check when the rent is due in advance

  • Basically is exactly in most leases when the payment is due. In most rental agreements is that the payment until the third working day of the month is due. This means that they must be received by the landlord up to this day. You must transfer thus perform a few days earlier.
  • However, you should note that tenancies can also be orally justified. The writing is not mandatory. If this is the case and you do not know when the payment is due, you can rest easy because then enter the legal regulations.
  • The Civil Code provides that the rent in advance is due. You have to pay 1 BGB until the third working day of the month then according to ยง 556b paragraph.
  • It is worth noting that the rent must be then but only instructed by your account. You must not go already on the third day the landlord.
  • It is also possible to have a different provision in the lease. The parties may agree on a payment to the middle of this month.

The late rent payment

  • Have you due in advance rent paid too late and the money comes too late in to the owner, it must be considered who caused this delay.
  • You will need to have instructed the payment three days before it was due. If this is the case, you wear not at fault. You are not then in default.
  • Have you responsible for the late payment and are in default, you are responsible for it. You will have to pay compensation. Your landlord may also charge interest. Avoid this and pay attention to timely payment. (All figures: Stand 01/2014)
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