Rented house for sale - Notes

Rented house for sale - Notes

Who buys a rented house, should pay attention to many.

Buy rented property - what to look for before buying

  • Before you buy a rented house, it is advisable to obtain comprehensive information about the object, its tenants and the environment in question. You should, for example, find out whether the house there is a potentially high vacancy and whether it is an object with a stable tenant structure or a relatively high tenant turnover.
  • You should also be recognized as a knowledgeable buyer whether any circumstances that may optionally have rent reductions result. Well, it is also to inform themselves about whether it has already come between tenants or tenants and former owners to view or disputes in court.
  • A particularly important point to which you should pay attention to if you want a rented house purchase is the fabric of the property concerned. If this is okay or may come additional costs for repairs and maintenance to you.

What does the house purchase for buyers and tenants?

  • If you buy a rented house, you, as the new owner and landlord, all rights and obligations of the former owner, according to the principle: 'purchase breaks not rent'. However, for the acquisition of existing rental from the old landlord is not the date of the purchase agreement decisive but the registration of ownership in the land register. Once you are in the land registry, you can exercise all the rights of a landlord.
  • The rent is available only to from the date of registration in the Land Register, unless the contract has been agreed otherwise in this respect. If this is the case, you must first assign to the new owner of the old landlord's claims.
  • Rent arrears, from the period prior to the date in the Land Register, are to the old landlord. He may as well give up on what he would have to explicitly declare. It is advisable to agree on binding practices in relation to deposit repayment, open rent receivables and payment of the additional costs in the purchase contract.
  • Inform the tenant or the early stage of a change of owner, best with a joint letter with the old landlord, so you can avoid duplication. Tenants were not given sufficient notice of the change of the owner, they can continue to pay the rent to the old landlord and you need to make your claims then at that party.
  • To house purchase, you as the buyer all existing leases. The deposit that have deposited the tenant, you have to be reimbursed as a buyer to a lessor change. Also, the tenant may insist that the old owner assigns the deposit to you as a buyer. At lease you are responsible for the security deposit, if you have this condition by the seller or not. For the Nebenkostenabrechnung one who is responsible, who is at the end of the accounting period current owner.
  • You as a buyer are not entitled to terminate due to the purchase of the house leases, not to change the terms of the agreement. You must adhere to the old tenancy rights and can change only with the consent of the tenant to make.
  • You may terminate a tenancy only if you want to submit personal use. But this is only if you can prove that you actually need this living space for yourself or a family member. The statutory or contractual notice periods are observed here.
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