Replacement for nasal spray - so does the nasal irrigation

Replacement for nasal spray - so does the nasal irrigation

Rinsing frees the nose.

Use nasal irrigation as a substitute for nasal spray

As a substitute for nasal spray is suitable nasal cleansing for deep cleansing of the nasal home - go the spray is the more convenient way.

  • A nasal wash can be most easily performed with a nasal douche or a nose jug. These handy devices are cheap available in pharmacies and drugstores. As a short-term replacement may be suitable even small tea or milk jug. Try it out.
  • Similar to a sea salt nasal spray nose is rinsed with isotonic saline. This means that the rinsing fluid should have about the same salt concentration as the blood.
  • If the mixture contains too much or too little salt, the nasal irrigation can burn and irritate the already ailing mucous membranes.
  • Therefore, it is useful for beginners, to get with the douche also the appropriate salt. Here is the exact amount of salt for one nasal irrigation in small sachet is packed individually.

With some practice, but it is not difficult to estimate the required amount of salt correctly - that saves money and packaging waste.

Rinsing will perform properly

  1. Fill nasal douche or nasal pot with salt and water. If your nose is clogged, warm water is recommended, learn about body temperature. With allergies, runny nose and generally irritated mucous membranes cool water is pleasant. Avoid too cold or too hot to use water so as not to irritate the nose inside.
  2. Shake or tilt the vessel now for a while, until the salt has dissolved completely.
  3. Hold your head over the sink or bathtub. Tilt your head slightly forward and to the right.
  4. Hold the nasal douche now on your left nostril, so that the transition between pot and nose "waterproof" concludes.
  5. Let the salt water running into the nose. It is - if the nose is not completely blocked - the right nostril walk again.
  6. Repeat steps 3 through 5 mirrored.

Brush thoroughly after your nose and breathe hard a few times through each nostril and out to dry nose.

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