Resting heart rate 84 - Notes

Resting heart rate 84 - Notes

Resting heart rate is the arrival of the pulse waves at rest.

Divisions of the resting heart rate

The pulse indicates the Herschlagfrequenz, as it arrives in the periphery. Most of Radialis- or Ulnarispuls is taken at the wrist, but other parts of the body like a side of the neck (Note: here never simultaneously the pulse buttons on both sides), the knee or the back of the foot are suitable for pulse companies.

  • For an adult, a resting heart rate is valid in the range between 60 and 80 than normal. A pulse of less than 60 is called bradycardia, a pulse of about 100 as tachycardia.
  • At very trained people, so athletes, the resting heart rate may be very low. Here, values ​​of up to 30 beats per minute can be achieved. Bradycardia is therefore physiologically in athletes.
  • The younger the person, the faster his resting heart rate. While still an infant has a heart rate of 130 beats per minute, most children show values ​​around 100 beats per minute, young people around the 80 to 90 and adults around the 70th An old person can be quite a resting heart rate of 90 beats per minute have.

This means a pulse of 84

  • If the resting heart rate is 84, this means that the heart beats 84 times per minute - or at least get as many pulse waves in the periphery. In fact, there may be circumstances in which less pulse waves arrive at the wrist, as the heart brings the ball rolling.
  • A pulse of 84 at rest is still in the borderline range, however, higher than the average. He may, inter alia in untrained people or people who do not move much, occur. Therefore, you should check whether you feel comfortable with the pulse. Do you feel a little bit too heartbeat, consult a doctor at best.
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