Rhodium-plated - so you can refine silver

Rhodium-plated - so you can refine silver

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Basic facts about gold-plated silver

If you want to keep your silver jewelry on time beautiful, this bim jeweler can be rhodium plated. You must consider a lot:

  • Beware of cheap offers, for a proper rhodium plating costs money. Besides the fact that rhodium is expensive, the silver must be very complicated prepared if it is to be rhodium plated.
  • If your silver jewelry contains stones, they must be removed, is rhodium plated and then the stones be recast. It makes the stones though not matter if you are rhodium plated with, but pretreatment would not cope with the stones.

Questions that need to make the rhodium plating

  • Since rhodium plating requires extensive expertise, you should test this before with specific questions. If you get an honest answer, the silver may be rhodium plated there.
  • Ask about the stones in silver jewelry. When it is said that they remain in it, you can assume that there is not really pretreated and thus not well rhodium plated.
  • Also important is the question of the durability of rhodium. Rhodium is durable, but a thin layer of 0.1 to 0.3 microns (micrometers) can be mechanically abraded. This happens so fast, the more silver is mechanically stressed. A ring is rhodium plated often held only a few months, an earring can last for decades. A reputable jeweler She points out.
  • The question of whether it is worthwhile to have a rhodium plating part, should by pointing out that it is only worthwhile if the silver is hardly stressed mechanically, to be answered. A silver ring is a reminder in a display case can be rhodium plated. A ring that you wear every day, would have to be re-rhodium plated least once a year, which for a ring with gemstones means that every time this would have to be recast.
  • If you want to refine silver cutlery in this way, you ask the question, as it is then to treat. Correctly, you have to tell you that you have to destroy the finish in one silver cleaning. Rhodium-plated cutlery must not put in the dishwasher because it comes together there and only be cleaned with water and a soft cloth.
  • Always keep in mind that rhodium plated silver is nice, but only if you do not pay off the layer by the use of silver. The rhodium is only 0.2 microns thick, a sheet of paper on the other hand 100 microns.
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