Roast pork properly - how it's done

Roast pork properly - how it's done

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Cook your pork properly

To prepare pork so that it will not dry, it is necessary to sear the tenderloin properly.

  1. Remove the pork and place it first in the right shape. This includes the filet so prepare that it can be used according to your recipe. To this end, cut the pork into slices either make it or leave it medallions in a whole piece. This depends on what you want to make the fillet.
  2. Heat a little oil or a similar cooking oil in a pan. When the fat and the pan is hot, then put into the pork and fry it short, sharply. Be sure to fry it evenly from all sides to get a nice color.
  3. Once you have the pork tenderloin seared in a hot pan right, it's now time for the fillet without continuing to cook it is dry. Simply enter it into the oven. It is best to place the pork in a Auflauform or something similar. The oven should have a temperature between 70 ° C and 100 ° C for proper cooking. Let the pork pull through in the oven for 15 to 30 minutes. This depends on your oven and how hot it is.
  4. Let the pork after fry still cool for a few moments and then serve it.

Notes for cooking fillet

To cook a fillet or roast properly, there are some pointers that can help you succeed.

  • If you get the pork from the refrigerator to fry it, then do not give it directly into the pan. Let the pork about room temperature accept. This helps to ensure that the fillet is cooked evenly.
  • After frying, you should let the pork rest for a bit before continuing to process or cut it.
  • Season the pork until late Add brown, so that the spices such as salt, fillet avoid too much liquid.

Once you have the pork fried right you can serve your family or friends to eat it then.

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