Rocker films - Suggestions

Rocker films - Suggestions

Check with friends iconic rocker films.

Rocker films for many decades a cult genre of its own. There are classic, but also more recent Hollywood films, most of which are very funny and entertaining. But a perfect rocker films evening also includes the matching drinks, snacks and a little decoration.

What to look real rocker

  • First, then, it is about the right movies. More than three films you should not select for an evening, for more than 5-6 hours it keeps no one in front of the television off.
  • At least one classic should definitely be part of your selection. When the rocker film par excellence, of course, "Easy Rider" with the world famous soundtrack "Born to be wild". Those who like funny, the action comedy "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man" should add to the list. A more recent, but still the iconic KISS fan film "Detroit Rock City" is from the 1999th
  • As I said, there are also more recent films from the genre rockers that are definitely worth visiting. These include "Ghost Rider", an action-packed comic book adaptation starring Nicolas Cage and "Born to be Wild," a comedy starring John Travolta.
  • For fans of comics and cartoons is also offers a full Werner-series in which it is about a motorcycle driving, northern German rockers. But beware: Are women of the party, it may be that they are not too thrilled by the crude humor of the film series.

What you need except the movies

  • In order to provide the right mood for Rocker movie night, it should not be missed on hard drinks and Knabberkram.
  • Whiskey and beer, you should have at hand, an alcohol-free alternative is root beer. In summer you can also grill in front of the television.
  • But the decoration should vote. Grab this billboards and posters of rock bands, motorcycles or just about matching the movies and hang on it.
  • Matching poster you can obtain information online, you also get iconic old signs and highway road signs from the States. Enter into the search field of your search engine "American Signs" or "US-flag", then you get fast matching offers.
  • Also neon signs on which logos like "Route 66" emblazoned, fit the theme and create a cozy lighting look for films. These are available in many electronics stores.
  • If you want to drive the rocker movie night on the top, you can also specify a dress code. So your friends in tattered jeans, boots and leather jackets must appear and the ambiance is definitely perfect.
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