Roman blind - How to Hang

Roman blind - How to Hang

Use roman blinds instead of curtains.

Hang your Roman shade according to these instructions on

Note that this guide refers to a Roman blind kit and believes that this includes a respective mounting system with pipes or the like.

  1. Spread out the first Roman shade on the ground. Make sure that the tapes through which the pull cords are drawn to show up, if they are available at your Roman shade system. Take the lift cords and untangle it carefully. Thread then pull cords in the appropriate bands one. Start with the string at the bottom left and pull the cord carefully through each loop up to the top end of Roman blinds. If you clamp the string into a paper clip and thread the cord using the clip, it gets easier.
  2. Now take the supplied adhesive tape from the Roman blind kit and attach it around around the window. If the background of your wall is not suitable for attachment of the tape, take a strip of wood and screw them to the wall. Make sure that the wood strip has a width of Roman blinds. Then attach the adhesive tape on the wooden bar. Then press the Roman blind with the fastening tape firm and level on the tape.
  3. If you have not supplied adhesive tape, attach the Roman shade also on a curtain rail, if you have one. Take the fastening tape and add the rolling rings your curtain rail in the existing bag-in. It is advisable to insert a lock on the left-most and right-most ring. Thread the Roman shade then the curtain rail.
  4. Take the ring screw from the kit and turn it into the lintel, the strip of wood or a curtain rail, depending on where you have mounted the Roman shade.
  5. Now check again to see if your Roman shade is properly tensioned and the pull cords do not have different voltages. For this purpose, let your Roman shade once completely hang. If all pull cords are properly tensioned, thread it through the Schnurbündler. Tie the strings then so that you can still achieve.
  6. In this step the instructions Now plug the pipes together. Take advantage of this and the connector. Then slide the tube into the Schaube of Roman blinds. Then attach the Schnuraufwickler on the wall.
  7. Drag the Roman shade Carefully high. Note that the pleats are all folded up. If this is the case, fix the Roman shade in this position. To do this tightly bind the cords on Schnuraufwickler. Let the Roman shade for a day in the raised position. In this way, make sure that the Roman shade placed in uniform wrinkles later.

Note that this guide refers to a certain way of fastening. Roman blinds can be attached in other ways, this depends on what type of Roman shade kit you reference.

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