RS232 driver - as you change the serial port settings

RS232 driver - as you change the serial port settings

Serial interfaces require specific settings.

The RS232 interface

Even today, the RS232 serial port or for some applications is required.

  • This can for example be the case if you want to play on this new firmware edit the channel list in a satellite receiver or. Not all receivers have for a USB port and also the update via the satellite antenna does not always work without difficulties.
  • But also for connecting a programming device for EPROM microcontroller or the serial is still needed.
  • This driver is already installed usually along with Windows, so you do not need to make a separate driver installation here. However, you may need to adjust the settings for the RS-232 interface so that they are compatible with the connected device.
  • The relevant settings can be accessed from the Control Panel and Device Manager.

To configure the driver for the serial interface

  1. First open the Windows Control Panel and click here on the entry "system". Alternatively, you can also click on the desktop to work with the right mouse button and there go to "Properties".
  2. Then click the "Hardware" and then on "Device Manager".
  3. In Device Manager, you first find the entry for the communications port. You can find it usually at the top under "Connections".
  4. If you click this twice to open the device connections. Here you can configure your RS232 port (COM port) under the tab "Port Settings".
  5. The port settings of the driver needed for this purpose you need to compare them with those of the device to be connected and, where appropriate, then correct the effect that the connection settings of the serial interface and the connected device match.
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