Run properly train - so avoid significant errors jogging

Run properly train - so avoid significant errors jogging

The right outfit makes it easier to Running.

Walk properly - Find out the outfit and general information

If running is your favorite sport or it should be, you should compile correctly according to the equipment.

  • For this very often ensures that you have more fun and motivation to the exercise. The most important factors to include the correct running shoes that you can purchase in sporting goods stores. These should be adjusted to your personal foot strain, so that you get on that basis shoes, exactly there which undergo absorption where your old shoes are expired.
  • In addition, the outfit should be adapted to the weather conditions and seasons. The outdoor market stocks a range of different functional clothing for racing ready, so you not only maintain optimal body temperature in winter, but are clearly visible in the dark for others. Finally, the security aspect should be taken into account.
  • Also the head area should be protected from the cold while running, so there are also corresponding ear warmers, headbands and Co. to make jogging healthy.
  • Besides ensuring functional clothing in summer the removal of sweat, without clothes, even wet. This avoids the cooling down, moreover, excessive perspiration is avoided by breathable material for jogging and running.
  • The maintenance of the water, mineral and electrolyte balance is very important in order to avoid dizziness, weakness or significant performance degradation during long running and high water loss. With isotonic drinks you can deliver water, salts and minerals as well as vitamins and sugar for a quick energy boost. Isotonic is an apple juice from apple juice and mineral water with a pinch of salt, which you then add a splash of fresh lemon. You can also rely on commercial products that often but have a high sugar content and are expensive. Drink before the jogging sips of water or isotonic drinks, but also during which - if you jog on very warm days especially.

Optimal Training - Warm up and get started

Do you have the right outfit and the right running shoes, you should also make sure to exercise only under certain conditions.

  • To avoid sprains, spasms, sprains, sprains and Co., you should warm up properly in each case prior to running and complete stretching and stretching exercises. The start running without pre-heated, stretched and stretched muscles are to be avoided because the cold, hardened muscles quickly otherwise cramped and less silky thighs and torso.
  • The warm up by stretching, stretching, jumping, some squats, arm circles and other exercises prepares the metabolism for exercising, so you also have a better supply of oxygen while running and not so quickly out of breath or suffering from pleurisy.
  • You should also complete again after running stretching exercises to keep the muscles can regenerate better.
  • To use the running targeted for losing weight and burning body fat, look for a heart rate of about 120 to 140 beats per minute, because under these moderate stress while exercising your body starts after about 20 minutes with attraction of body fat for metabolism , Even mild jogging dumbbells can still increase the resistance, so you burn more fat at the same ROSC.

Create a personal training plan, in which you specify fixed days for racing and sports activities elsewhere.

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