Salamander - Informative

Salamander - Informative

Axolotl salamander in the aquarium keep appropriate © S.Perkiewicz / Pixelio

To recognize the Axolotl salamander

  • The Axolotl salamander is an amphibian. He remained in youth and maturity as a permanent larva spends his life. Since his lung is not mature, you will see the external gills.
  • Particularly striking is the face of the axolotl. You can see it as a permanent laugh, but the grimace of a monster.
  • The Axolotl salamander moves on four legs on the bottom of the aquarium, it can do so also an excellent swimmer.
  • Axolotl be up to 30 cm tall and can be a great age up to 20 years to achieve. Consider the fact that you take responsibility for these animals for a long time.

To keep the Lurch Axolotl

  • The Axolotl salamander spends its life in the water. You may want to set up the aquarium appropriately. Since the salamander can grow up to 30 cm tall and a group of 5 animals attitude is preferable to the pelvis should be at least 0.5 m 3 in size.
  • Note that you cover the bottom of the aquarium with fine gravel, as the salamander receives its nourishment from the ground, swallow larger stones and may die of it.
  • The water temperature of the aquarium should not exceed 25 ° C, as the axolotl does not feel comfortable in warmer water. Also make sure that the water temperature does not fall below 3 ° C. The salamander is an amphibian and can slip into hibernation.
  • Planting the aquarium with lots of plants and make additional withdrawal for places like tubes. The salamander loves shady places to hide there.
  • Filter daily through the water with a pump. The Axolotl needed, like fish, good water with a pH of. 7
  • You can feed your axolotl with fresh feed as larvae, insects, worms and small crustaceans, but also with a special pellet feed. Make sure that the salamander only every 4 days must be fed. Uneaten food degrade water quality.
  • Run in a newly created aquarium for your salamander during the first few weeks a weekly water changes by half, remove the used water and add fresh. The change can be changed after a few months on a two-week interval.
  • Not socialize the axolotl with other amphibians. The resulting mutations are usually not viable.

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