Seat Arosa 6H - Model Details

Seat Arosa 6H - Model Details

A powerful small car seat for lots of space

A division which serves almost every automaker, is that of small cars. Many customers, including perhaps you're just looking for a vehicle in this area. That it is also possible to offer such a vehicle, which is also able to convey, for example, a family of four with no space problems, proves the Seat Arosa 6H. The carmaker had recognized this trend early and had beaten some manufacturers with their vehicles.

The history of the Seat Arosa 6H

  • The Seat Arosa 6H was manufactured and sold in the period between 1997 and 2000. It belongs in the category of micro car without come up in the interior space problems.
  • It is almost identical to the VW Lupo, but it was not until a year after the Arosa on the market, which gave Seat a market advantage.
  • The previous model was the Seat Marbella. After the end of production, then came the successor Seat Arosa 6HS and then the Seat Mii on the market.

The Seat Arosa and specifications

  • From the Seat Arosa 6H three models were produced. It is around the 1.0 MPI with an output of 50 horsepower, the 1.4-liter with 60 horsepower, but only with automatic transmission and 1.7-liter diesel version SDI also with a 60-horsepower engine.
  • The vehicle is three-door hatchback and its rear seats can be folded down. The length of the car is 3.55 meters long and 1.64 meters and the height 1.46 meters, which is the ideal size for a city car at the parking space.
  • Well as fuel, the Seat Arosa 6H may well be proud. While the 1.0-liter version just consumed an average of 6.4 liters of petrol, the 1.7-liter diesel variant comes on only five liters consumption.
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