Send us your attic insulation is so accessible

Send us your attic insulation is so accessible

A floor insulation should be accessible.

In old houses the loft consists mostly of old floorboards. These are then partially no longer anchored. To make an attic insulation walked here, they must be so handled before. You must ensure that the boards are firmly anchored so that they can not move. With additional screws feasible. Do not forget to continue to screw and existing screws.

Attic insulation make accessible - the further preparation

  • Once you have all the planks bolted, the floor is of course far from flat. This must now be more balanced.
  • A very good alternative to this is a so-called insulation filling. With this you can kill two birds with one stone. The floor will give your attic insulation you have also attached.
  • Bring the bed to the floor and pull it off with a wooden bar. If you place the level on the wood lath, you can check if everything is exact in the water.
  • You should always make this work in sections, as below, a mat is yet to be determined.

Finish the Attic insulation

  1. Once you have fitted a portion of the insulating fill, you still need to replace insulation blankets. These are available in rolls. Place the rolls side by side on the wall and roll it section by section over the insulation filling until you have completed the entire room.
  2. Now the chipboard must be laid. Use this boards with tongue and groove, so that you get a perfect connection.
  3. Create the first record of the most accessible corner of the room and enter it. Now you can drive for disk slot together. Do not enter the bed.
  4. You should now be screwed each plate by long wood screws with the ground. Do you work here also with the spirit level. Through various degrees of tightening the screws you can compensate for the particleboard and insert into the water.
  5. If the room is ready for use, you have done your attic insulation accessible and is additionally provided with sound-absorbing protection. Now you can provide it with a covering of your choice.
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